Wednesday, 2 June 2010

and then there were 5! (possibly 6)

Although I am not entirely sure, I know that I have less than 8 night watches to do! Woohoo, I'm not a nights person! My mind goes into overdrive on a night!

I have been hobnobing with a sir antony somebody who is something to do with the RSPB, he, his charming wife and slightly posh son came on a visit and were allowed onto the jetty! All the had to do was bring fish and chips! :) mmmm spam fritter! :)
And the next week we are entertaining the duke of northumberland, who actually owns Coquet island, suppose we should let him come onto the island!

Lots of exciting news bird wise! We have pufflings! Lots of eider chicks, black headed gull chicks and the terns are starting to hatch slowly! These are added to the rock pipit chicks and wren chicks!

We have seen some cool birds latelly too! The first guillimot to be seen on the plateau was here yesterday, aswell as cormorant, shag, gannet and manx shearwaters all at sea! And a chiffchaff in the south gardens!

I have received my first bird injury too! 2 nice peck holes in my finger thanks to an arctic tern! Oh how painful! :(

Got a weekend on the mainland to look forward to! Saturday is my dads birthday so he and mam are coming up to meet me, then sunday I am in the seabird centre trying to drum up some memberships! So if ur in amble, come and pay me a visit!

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