Saturday, 29 May 2010

night watch

So yeah, I have remembered, was gonna tell u all about night watches,
You head to the hide when it gets dark, armed with a high powered torch, radio, mobile phone, reading materials, and goodies, then you sit around all night, getting cold, looking out for baddies who like to steal eggs! (None so far) if you see any u shime the torch at them, if that fails, u light a flare and run away!

All very technical lol! I usually manage till about 6, then its back to the lighthouse to warm up! So far on night watches I have done 90% of my nvq work that I can do uptodate, read a book, I'm half way through my last book now, and staring out the hide takes up a lot of time too! I wish it could all be done from somewhere warm!

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